Steve Nash was the National Basketball Associations Most Valuable Player twice during his tenure with the Phoenix Suns. Steve Nash played 18 seasons in the NBA, where he was an eight-time All-Star and seven-time All-NBA pick. He was also one of the best shooters in the world, a player who will someday post 50-40-90 seasons more than any other player in NBA history. When Steve Nash was a college senior, only two Canadians were on NBA rosters, Rick Fox and Bill Wennington and were both playing high school basketball in the U.S.

Four years later, Steve Nash was the best guard prospect from the West Coast Conference since John Stockton, averaging 20.9 points as a junior, 17 points and six assists as a senior, and leading Santa Clara to three NCAA tournament appearances over the course of four years, earning NBA scouts attention. Nash also appeared in 120 postseason games, averaging 17.3 points and 8.8 assists. It was with the Dallas Mavericks that Nash established himself as one of the best point guards in the NBA. In his first two seasons in the NBA, Nash played the supporting role behind all-star NBA point guard Kevin Johnson, Sam Cassell, and Jason Kidd.

A two-time NBA MVP, Nash is one of only three point guards (along with Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry) to earn multiple MVP awards and one of only four guards in NBA history to win consecutive MVPs (along with Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Curry). The accolades for both players are impressive, with Steve Nash being one of only two players to win back-to-back MVPs, while John Stockton is the all-time leader in combined assists and steals in the history of the NBA. Both players played a large portion of their careers with a single franchise, as Steve Nash is a top-5 Phoenix Suns player, and John Stockton is one of the top-5 players in Utah Jazz history. Steve Nash’s win shares stats are 38th out of all NBA players and 41st out of all-time, which is still good, but it is not at the level of a top-6 player like John Stockton.

Nash won the league MVP in consecutive seasons with Phoenix (2005, 2006), becoming only the tenth player in NBA history to win the award in back-to-back seasons and the first Canadian to earn the prestigious Maurice Podoloff Trophy. Nash finished his career ranked third on all-time with 10,335 assists, leading the NBA in assists per game in five seasons (2005-2007, 2010, 2011).

Nash was awarded Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for February on March 3, 2021, becoming the first Nets head coach to get the title since his former colleague Jason Kidd earned it twice in 2014. During the period, Nash led the Nets to an Eastern Conference-best 9-4 record, along with a 5-2 road record.