Many a time in sports, there comes a point when a well-known big team faces significant turbulence. Past laurels are quickly forgotten and disbanded amidst the misery and disarray of the present.

Yesterday’s victory is gone and lost and the only thing that matters is what you do today. In sports, it’s always about the next game and never about the previous, but unfortunately for the Lakers, there will be no next game as far as this season is concerned.

Yes, the Lakers have missed out on a play-off birth yet again and the turbulent times continue to thrive in LA.

On Tuesday night, the Lakers were the losing team for the seventh time in a row, falling 121-110 to the Phoenix Suns at the Footprint Center in Arizona, and they have now mathematically missed out on the playoffs.

The Lakers have missed the playoffs for the seventh time in the last nine years, a previously inconceivable drought for the franchise. 

Prior to the 2013-14 season, the Lakers had only missed the playoffs five times since their debut in Minnesota in 1948, and have been crowned as champions a staggering 17 times in the NBA!

Yes, the giants have fallen.

It is also the second time LeBron has missed the playoffs since joining the Lakers in 2018, after appearing in the N.B.A. finals for the previous eight years with Miami and Cleveland.

Yes, Lebron was yet again injured and did not play in this match but that is not the sole reason for the disappointing performance put out by the Lakers. 

Their problems and liabilities seep way too deep than just the absence of one man.

Elsewhere, the New Orleans Pelicans won the Western Conference playoffs by defeating the Sacramento Kings 123-109, while the Toronto Raptors won the Eastern Conference playoffs by defeating the Atlanta Hawks 118-108.

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Comments from the Coach

Following his team’s loss against the Suns, Lakers coach Frank Vogel expressed his unhappiness. Vogel is expected to be dismissed before the start of the next season.

“We wanted to play our part in bringing success to Lakers basketball and we fell short,”

“We’re extremely disappointed. Disappointed for our fanbase, disappointed for the [ownership], that gave us this opportunity.

“It’s not been due to a lack of effort. We have all put in the work. Guys stayed fighting right to the end.

“We brought integrity to the process we just fell short through a disjointed season. We’re all disappointed.”